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On-Board Oil Heater and Control Unit for heating and tempering of oil circuits

Z-B 0005 0001 + Z-B 0006 0001

Electric powered On-Board Oil Heater (Z-B 0005 0001, just 230 g of weight) designed for heating and tempering of oil circuits e. g. to optimize the oil temperature before race or qualifying. At 20 °C oil temperature, the electrical power is 500 W but this can be adapted to customer requirements. An integrated temperature sensor in combination with an external Control Unit (Z-B 0006 0001) precisely heats and tempers the oil.


  • On-Board Oil Heater: 500 W at 20 °C oil temperature, 230 g
  • External Control unit: Adjustable target temperature, adjustable alert thresholds
  • Hydraulic connections: -08 JIC connectors (other connections, e. g. -08 Wiggins available)
  • Electric connection On-Board Oil Heater: Souriau 8STA 0 12-26 PN (other connections available)
  • Electric connection Control Unit: Souriau 8STA 0 12-26 SN (other connections available)
  • Electric power/voltage can be adapted to customer requirements
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