Z-P 2200 2000 – Centrifugal Pump IFC 14700-2.5 LD


COMPACT: 192 x 152 x 135 mm, including ECU

POWERFUL: up to 245 l/min @ 2.5 bar

This electrically driven centrifugal pump for water and dielectric cooling circuits is designed for maximum power density. Equipped with a BLDC motor, intelligent control electronics, and aluminum hydraulic components, it achieves an unmatched power-to-weight ratio.

By integrating the control unit into a single housing together with the pump head, we offer a highly compact and lightweight pump unit that can be flexibly mounted in the installation space. The sealed housing integration allows for a small packaging size with maximum protection against environmental elements.

The centrifugal design allows for high flow rates without the risk of metallic abrasion, making this pump ideal for use in electric or hydrogen powertrain circuits.

Furthermore, the integrated leakage detection sensor will indicate a service need via protocol (e.g., CAN), enabling reliable operation without recurring inspection routines. This feature allows the pump to be installed in any location.

Additionally, the pump offers a redundancy system with a 2×3 phase BLDC motor and dual control electronics to ensure maximum reliability, making it suitable for use in aviation applications.


  • Pump: Centrifugal pump
  • Medium: Water, dielectric fluids
  • Engine: BLDC, external rotor
  • Motor control: Self-sensing
  • Control electronics: Customer-specific interfaces (CAN, LIN, UART, etc.), alternatively, ON/OFF
  • Software:
    • Intelligent performance control depending on load status, processor temperature, and ambient-/medium temperature
    • To integrate our product into the CAN vehicle architecture, we automatically supply the DBC-file if required
  • Hydraulic connections: -28 Wiggins tube connectors
  • Electric connections: e.g., Souriau, Deutsch or according to customer specifications
  • Mounting: 4x M8 screws


  • Length: 192 mm
  • Width: 152 mm
  • Height: 135 mm