Our Core Competences

Safety – Our Redundancy System


A single system failure, such as the motor, should not result in a complete system breakdown or disruption. This is precisely where SOBEK’s redundancy system plays a vital role. Its purpose is to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of a system or device, even in the event of component failures. This involves replicating essential components or functions, allowing for a smooth transition to a backup if one component fails, thus averting system downtime or failure.

  • Power amplifier fails – redundant ECU takes over
  • Current measurement fails – redundant ECU takes over
  • Voltage measurement fails – redundant ECU takes over
  • Motor phase break – Full performance
  • Communication failure – Full control, not just failsafe mode

Intelligent Flow Control

Our products come with an integrated Control Electronics Unit, providing streamlined functionality and enhanced data accessibility. Embedded algorithms for temperature, torque, power, blockage control, and redundancy features ensure secure and reliable operation. These algorithms also offer real-time insights into the pump’s status, including a comprehensive fault diagnosis system (CAN, UART, LIN, PWM, etc.)