Product Development

SOBEK operates under a vertical integration model, giving us complete control over the entire product lifecycle, from raw material reception to final product shipment. Most of our services are handled in-house, ensuring our capabilities cover the entire spectrum and establishing us as a comprehensive manufacturer. We presently oversee several nationally recognized brands, leveraging our extensive expertise to support the growth of your startup venture or new product.

Our pumps, valves, control electronics, and electric motors serve as prime examples of products for which we can create customized solutions based on our standard offerings. Nevertheless, our capabilities extend to developing entirely unique solutions in collaboration with our clients.

Standard Product Customization Steps

Regardless of the stage of development at which we are engaged in your project – be it during the brainstorming phase, CAD design, prototype production, or full-scale manufacturing – whether it’s individual components or complete systems, our commitment remains unwavering. We meticulously coordinate, develop, manufacture, refine, and configure until we pinpoint the ideal solution tailored to your needs.


Customer Specification

We’re looking to set up a meeting with your team to explore your project further. Our aim is to assess the compatibility of our resources with your project and vice versa. During this meeting, we’ll touch upon subjects like technical requirements, project timeline, and expected volume.


Analyzation & Optimisation

After a definition of the catalog of requirements, our team will start drafting according to the specifications given by the customer. This includes, but is not limited to, size and weight limitations, material selections, total lifetime and service lifetime expectancy, as well as energy consumption limitations and general communication structure options of the unit. Great care is taken when optimizing interfaces, be it electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical.

During this process, iterations of the drafts will be improved by customer feedback, until a final design freeze is reached.


Test & Deploy

During the design phase, sub-system testing of the essential components can be performed to shorten the timeline and pre-validate hydraulics and electric components. Our most common practice is validating the critical hydraulic points at worst-case-scenario environmental conditions to gain comprehensive certainty about the units’ capabilities to fulfill all requirements.

After the design freeze, the first prototypes will be produced to complete the final unit’s validation in accordance with the customer’s specifications.



As soon as the validation is finalized, the customer will receive a validation report, including all tests performed and a breakdown of the units’ components after disassembly and evaluation of the wear and condition of all parts.

Subsequently, the production of the final delivery units will begin.

You have three choices:

You can start with one of our basic products, use a derivative product, or share your distinct requirements with us and we will provide you with a customized solution precisely tailored to meet your individual needs.




Explore our basic products to acquaint yourself with our development and manufacturing capabilities. Primarily focusing on pumps, valves, control electronics, and electric motors, we have crafted a portfolio of products catering to our core markets’ typical requirements.


  • Brushless inrunners (BLDC)

  • Brushless Outrunners (BLDC)
  • High efficiency

  • High power density
  • Efficient heat management


  • Block and sine commutation (FOC)
  • Numerous communication interfaces (e.g. CAN, RS232, PWM, LIN, UAVCAN)
  • Individual adjustments according to customer requirements possible (hardware, software)


  • High-Power Density

  • High-Efficiency

  • Some without metallic abrasion


  • Optimized installation space

  • High reliability

  • Compact and lightweight

Control Electronics Customization

We design and produce every electronic control unit in-house – in this respect, our hardware enables us to react flexibly to different requirements, for example, with regard to installation space or performance.
Our software is intelligent – we can provide a safety-related control mechanism, redundant control logic, and bidirectional communication.

Electric Drives Customization

Our variants offer customized drive solutions derived from our Stock Service product range. These adaptations encompass winding modifications, diverse shaft options, alternate brush choices, varying transmission ratios for gears, and using different materials for gear wheels. These adjustments result in drives precisely tailored to your specific requirements.

Mechatronic drive systems

Our expertise extends beyond the design and production of DC and BLDC motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers. We possess the capability to seamlessly integrate these drive components into a bespoke mechatronic unit, all within a single housing.

Pumps and Valves Customization

We can customize the electrical, hydraulic, or fixation points, and optimize the BLDC motors to match your operating parameters, maximizing the efficiency of your product.

We start where others stop. Whether you require a solution for a unique application, challenging environmental conditions, limited construction space, or an integrated approach, we invite you to arrange a conversation with our specialists to explore your project further.