Electric Drives

Our BLDC motors stand for maximum performance in the smallest space.  They are renowned for their exceptional torque characteristics, superior performance, exceptionally broad speed range, and unparalleled durability. These motors offer outstanding controllability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in aerospace, motorsports, industrial settings, and medical technology.

  • Outrunners

  • Inrunners

  • With or without gearbox
  • With air or water cooling
  • With or without sensor control
  • Numerous individual adaptations possible (shafts, housing construction, magnetic circuit design, etc.) or customer-specific new development

You have three choices:

You can start with one of our basic electric drives, use a derivative product, or share your distinct requirements with us and we will provide you with a customized solution precisely tailored to meet your individual needs.





Explore our basic products to acquaint yourself with our development and manufacturing capabilities. Primarily focusing on pumps, valves, control electronics, and electric motors, we have crafted a portfolio of products catering to our core markets’ typical requirements.


  • Brushless Inrunners (BLDC)

  • Brushless Outrunners (BLDC)
  • High efficiency

  • High power density
  • Efficient heat management


Choosing the right motor can reduce energy and maintenance costs, as the application runs with the defined load and precision. Designing the motor requires a balance between torque, speed, and inertia. Considering the desired power density, we focus on the best operating point to achieve our motors’ optimum efficiency.

Our variants offer customized drive solutions derived from our Stock Service product range. These adaptations encompass winding modifications, diverse shaft options, alternate brush choices, varying transmission ratios for gears, and using different materials for gear wheels. These adjustments result in drives precisely tailored to your specific requirements.

Mechatronic drive systems 

Our expertise extends beyond the design and production of DC and BLDC motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers. We possess the capability to seamlessly integrate these drive components into a bespoke mechatronic unit, all within a single housing.


We start where others stop. Whether you require a solution for a unique application, challenging environmental conditions, limited construction space, or an integrated approach, we invite you to arrange a conversation with our specialists to explore your project further.


ProductU/min/VShaft diameter [mm]Weight [g] Continuous power [W]Max. speed [1/min]PolesOuter diameter [mm]Length motor [mm]Gear ratio
SDO 5040-0480-1448088701000030000146380
SDO 5040-0400-144008860800030000146380
SDO 5040-0340-143408855650030000146380
SDO 5040-0300-143008855450030000146380
SDO 5040-0250-142508850300030000146380
SDO 5030-0520-145208685750030000146368
SDO 5030-0450-144508685700030000146368
SDO 5030-0390-143908685650030000146368
SDO 5025-0500-145008575600030000146361
SDO 5025-0400-144008575500030000146361
SDO 5025-0235-142358575350030000146361
SDO 5020-0600-146008490600030000146356
SDO 5020-0480-144808490500030000146356
SDO 5020-0400-144008490500030000146356
SDO 5020-0340-14340849030000146356
SDO 5020-0300-14300849530000146356
SDO 5020-0130-14130851530000146356
SDO 4425-0560-1456064504500300001455.661.5
SDO 4425-0500-1450064504500300001455.661.5
SDO 4425-0450-1445064554000300001455.661.5
SDO 4425-0340-1434064553500300001455.661.5
SDO 4425-0270-1427064551400300001455.661.5
SDO 3930-0560-1056063903500300001050.861.5
SDO 3930-0520-1052063903000300001050.861.5
SDO 3930-0450-1045063902500300001050.861.5
SDO 3930-0340-1434064102500300001450.861.5
SDO 3920-1030-10103062953000300001050.851.5
SDO 3920-1150-10115062953000300001050.851.5
SDO 3920-0830-1083062953000300001050.851.5
SDO 3920-0780-1078062953000300001050.851.5
SDO 3920-0650-1065062953000300001050.851.5
SDO 3920-0620-1062062953000300001050.851.5
SDO 3920-0530-1053063002000300001050.851.5
SDO 3220-1500-10150051901500330001040.546.5
SDO 3220-1300-10130051901000330001040.546.5
SDO 3225-1200-10120062302000300001040.552
SDO 3225-1050-10105062302000300001040.552
SDO 3225-0930-1493062352000300001440.552
SDO 3225-0465-144656235600300001440.552
SDO 3225-0370-143706235400300001440.552
SDO 3215-1100-141100515360020000144043
SDO 3215-0920-14920515260020000144043
SDO 3215-0790-14790515060020000144043
SDO 3215-0690-14690515060020000144043
SDO 3208-1030-141030376325200001441.526. Mai


VariantU/min/VShaft diameter [mm]Weight [g] Continuous power [W]Max. speed [1/min]PolesOuter diameter [mm]Length motor [mm]Gear ratio
SDI 3627-3000-2300052609505000023663.5
SDI 3627-2400-2240052609505000023663.56,7:1
SDI 3627-2200-2220052609505000023663.5
SDI 3627-2000-2200052609505000023663.5
SDI 3627-1700-2170052609505000023663.5
SDI 3627-1600-2160052609605000023663.5
SDI 3627-3800-2 with gearbox3800632095050000236896,7:1
SDI 3627-3000-2 with gearbox3000632095050000236896,7:1
SDI 3627-2400-2 with gearbox2400632095050000236896,7:1
SDI 3627-2200-2 with gearbox2200632095050000236896,7:1
SDI 3627-2000-2 with gearbox2000632095050000236896,7:1
SDI 3627-1700-2 with gearbox1700632095050000236896,7:1
SDI 3627-1600-2 with gearbox1600632095050000236896,7:1
SDI 3618-5800-2580052007505000023654.5
SDI 3618-3600-2360052007505000023654.5
SDI 3618-3000-2300052007505000023654.5
SDI 3618-2600-2260052007505000023654.5
SDI 2827-5000-250003.171504505000022854.5
SDI 2827-4300-243003.171504505000022854.5
SDI 2827-3800-238003.171504505000022854.5
SDI 2827-3400-234003.171504505000022854.5
SDI 2827-3100-231003.171504505000022854.5
SDI 2827-2600-226003.171504505000022854.5
SDI 2827-5800-2 with gearbox5800626075050000236806,7:1
SDI 2827-5000-2 with gearbox5000521045050000228795,2:1
SDI 2827-4300-2 with gearbox4300521045050000228795,2:1
SDI 2827-3800-2 with gearbox380052104505000022879.55,2:1
SDI 2827-3600-2 with gearbox3600626075050000236806,7:1
SDI 2827-3400-2 with gearbox3400521045050000228795,2:1
SDI 2827-3100-2 with gearbox3100521045050000228795,2:1
SDI 2827-3000-2 with gearbox3000626075050000236806,7:1
SDI 2827-2600-2 with gearbox2600521045050000228795,2:1
SDI 2827-2600-2 with gearbox 6,7:12600626075050000236806,7:1
SDI 2818-3900-239003.171102505000022845.5
SDI 2818-3400-234003.171102505000022845.5
SDI 2818-2700-227003.171102505000022845.5
SDI 2818-3900-2 with gearbox3900517025050000228705,2:1
SDI 2818-3400-2 with gearbox3400517025050000228705,2:1
SDI 2818-2700-2 with gearbox2700517025050000228705,2:1

In the realm of aerospace, the demands imposed upon the components you procure are of the utmost rigor. It is imperative that your chosen partner demonstrates unwavering reliability and possesses the acumen to resolve any challenge that may arise. They must deliver performance levels that many aspire to achieve. What instills confidence when you place an order? It is our EN 9100 certification that attests to the exceptional quality of our internal quality management within the aerospace domain. Few other industries impose such exacting standards concerning the safety and dependability of individual components. In accordance with our certification for our electric drives and control electronics, we proudly affirm our full compliance with these stringent requirements across our operational domains.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate on your unique project. Please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation at your convenience, with no obligation whatsoever.

It is our objective to find the best solution for your application.

Give us your specific requirements, and we will tailor our development to meet your needs.