Fuel refueling bottle for Porsche 991

Bottle 25 l with dispenser: Z-T 9025 0991
Stand: H-T 9001 0015

The refueling bottle is designed for fast and comfortable refueling at the race track. It’s specially made for use at the model 991.

The position of the handles and the angle of the compact push-pull valve with the tube meet the original filler neck of these models perfectly.
To refuel the vehicle, you must insert the outlet pipe into the tank nozzle until the stop comes into contact with the rubber pad. If the bottle is pressed further, the valve (dispenser) is opened and the fuel enters the tank. This operation can be interrupted at any time by lifting or disengaging the bottle. During this refueling operation, the filling cap of the bottle should be opened. The stainless-steel base is made to fit the bottle properly and safely.


  • Bottle made of transparent HDPE with two handles and a scale from 5 to 25 liters
  • Valve and housing are made of aluminum F38, black anodized and stainless steel 1.4305
  • Flow optimized design
  • Sealing and bumper made of Viton
  • Closing spring made of stainless steel 1.4310
  • Draining time approx. 30 seconds for 25 liters (while the cap is open)

Fuel refueling bottle for Porsche 996 and 997

Set bottle & stand: Z-T 9025 0007

Bottle 25 l with dispenser: Z-T 9025 0006
Stand: H-T 9001 0012

This refueling bottle has the same function as the 991 bottle described above, but is made for use at the models 996 and 997 (On request, this bottle is also available for models 964 and 993, in which the fuel tank is on the left side of the vehicle and opens at a different angle).

Quick Pick refueling bottle

Bottle 25 liters with dispenser: Z-T 9025 00XX* 
Bottle 15 liters with dispenser: Z-T 8000 00XX* 
Rack: H-T 9001 0009

The bottle is available with straight, 45° or 90° dispenser; any alternative angled connector is available on request.


Z-A 5000 0800

Safe, quick and direct connection to SAE-nipple. No pressure loss and optimized flow.

  • Adapter freely rotatable
  • E85 applicable
  • Material: aluminum or stainless steel
  • Connection thread: -4 / -6 / -8 (other dimensions on request)
  • Weight: 22,2 g (aluminum)
  • Proof pressure: 30 bar

Twin Dry Break unit GTP for 100 l FIA rubber cell

Bottle 25 l with dispenser: Z-T 9001 0003
Rack: H-T 9001 0009
Dry break dispenser: H-T 9001 0001

Receiver for dry break: H-T 9001 0002