Z-P 2000 1000 – Centrifugal IFC Pump 8000-3


COMPACT: 178 x 127 x 111 mm including ECU

POWERFUL: up to 134 l/min @ 3 bar

This electrically driven high-performance pump with BLDC motor and intelligent control electronics is designed for battery cooling circuits.

The pump head is made of aluminum/titanium and works with the centrifugal principle to avoid metallic abrasion. This makes the pump ideal for use within electric powertrains. Due to its three-digit flow numbers per minute at pressure values that support the common battery design and the unmatched power to weight ratio, it is a perfect match for high-performance battery cooling circuits where every gram counts.

By integrating the control unit into one housing together with the pump head, we can offer a very compact and lightweight pump unit that can be flexibly mounted in the installation space.


  • Pump: Centrifugal pump
  • Engine: BLDC, external rotor
  • Motor control: Self-sensing
  • Control electronics: Customer-specific interfaces (CAN, LIN, UART, etc.), alternatively, ON/OFF
  • Software:
    • Intelligent performance control depending on load status, processor temperature, and ambient/medium temperature
    • To integrate our product into the CAN vehicle architecture, we automatically supply the DBC-file if required
  • Hydraulic connections: -20 Wiggins tube connectors
  • Electric connections:
    • Power: 8STA0 16-75 PN251, on vehicle side 8STA6 16-75 SN251
    • Control: 8STA0 02-05 SN, on vehicle side 8STA6 02-05 PN
  • Mounting: 3 M6 screws


  • Length: 178 mm
  • Width: 124 mm (with electric connection: 127 mm)
  • Height: 111 mm