Z-V 8000 0001 – Stepper Motor Controlled Valve 10


COMPACT: 115 x 77 x 79 mm including ECU

HYDRAULICALLY INVISIBLE: 0.1 bar pressure loss at 10 l/min (valve 50 % open)

This electrically-driven valve for dynamic control of flow rates is designed for oil cooling with two parallel circuits.

The valve is made of aluminum/PEEK and works with a double-sided poppet/needle valve design principle. This makes the valve ideal for intelligent control of flow rates. Of course, this valve can also be scaled to any requirements at higher flow rates (e.g., 60 l/min for battery cooling) and different mediums (e.g., water/glycol).

By integrating the control unit into one housing together with the valve, we can offer a very compact and lightweight valve unit that can be mounted flexibly in the installation space.


  • Valve: poppet/needle valve, double-sided design
  • Drive: Stepper motor
  • Control electronics:
    • Customer-specific interfaces (CAN, LIN, etc.)
    • Time for maximum travel < 12 s
    • Emergency mode if the communication interface disconnects
  • Hydraulic connections: -08 JIC
  • Electric connections: Souriau 8STA 0 10-04 PN, on vehicle side 8STA 6 10-04 SN
  • Mounting: According to requirements


  • Length: 115 mm
  • Width: 77 mm
  • Height: 79 mm