Z-V 0067 0103

This automatic shutoff valve (ASOV) prevents fuel leakage and optimizes the emptying of the tank to reduce the unused mass of fuel. Furthermore, our Intelligent Flow Control system (IFC) avoids an unintentional fuel shutoff (e.g. temporary pressure loss due to air in the fuel line).


  • Solenoid valve opens and shuts fuel line
  • Integrated pressure sensor to identify a potential leakage
  • Shutter release delay to differentiate between leakage and short-term pressure changes, e.g. temporary pressure loss due to air in the fuel line
  • Control electronics:
    • Definition of customized switching pressure
    • Adjustable shutter release delay to maximize emptying of the tank
    • Integrated overrule-function, e.g. for smooth fire up
  • Hydraulic connections: -06 JIC (other connections available)
  • Electric connections: Souriau 8STA 0 02-05 PN, on vehicle side 8STA 602-05SN