SOBEK GROUP – Systemlieferant elektrischer, hydraulischer und pneumatischer Komplettlösungen

Our competencies

Every project is different, depending on the industry, application case, requirements, size and time factor. We discuss the individual aspects with our customers so that we can quickly and efficiently offer solutions.  The know-how of our competent employees, innovative technologies and efficient processes make this possible.


Application know-how

In motorsports, there are high standards for quality and performance of the products. We have been a partner in this industry for 40 years. We know what it means to be fully flexible and to deliver quick and pragmatic solutions. Our customers from other industries also profit from this know-how. RC Model construction for example also has demanding requirements regarding robustness and lightweight design and expects high performance components.

CAD Development

Design and construction exclusively happens at modern 3D-CAD workplaces. This means that electrical and electronic couplings, the layout and masking of printed circuit boards and of course the mechanical construction are designed and constructed under the best possible technological conditions.


It is very important for us to offer our customers the best solutions and to quickly respond to changing requirements. Simulation programs help us offer our customers different variations so that they can compare. By analyzing the pressure and velocity conditions in development objects, different properties can be identified early on in product design. The goal is always to find the optimal construction for our customers.

Residual dirt analysis

Innovative processes do not only apply to construction. In many areas, technical cleanliness is an important quality trait. In order to meet customer requirements on technical cleanliness, we integrated respective cleaning processes into our production process. A residual dirt analysis in a clean room environment completes our production process.

SMD-pick and place

We design and produce controls for a large number of sophisticated industries and applications. We know from our own experience what is relevant for urgent prototypes and for long term serial productions. Our know-how, our production capacity and particularly our own standard to perform at our peak are supported by the integration of our own SMD pick and place system into our production process.  With this, we are able to operate in a flexible and timely manner.


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