SOBEK GROUP – Systemlieferant elektrischer, hydraulischer und pneumatischer Komplettlösungen

Our Services

We are specialists when it comes to designing and producing electric, hydraulic and pneumatic components. In many areas, intelligent software plays an important and innovative role in collaboration with high performance mechanics. Our service portfolio covers the design and manufacture of simple and complex components, component assembly and development services.

KomplexitätAs an innovator, we build on future-oriented concepts. Our goal is to design sophisticated products and to produce them for our customers. Often this only works by continuously redefining the limits of what is possible.

The result – smaller, lighter and more performant products than standard

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Electric drives
  • Control electronics
  • Air jack
  • Air lance
  • Filling systems (fuel, oil, water)
  • Filters
  • Cooling systems


Standard components from the shelf are not always suitable for high performance applications in every environment. Sometimes modifications and extensions become necessary to successfully use the system solution with the given criteria. Some customers focusing on larger serials do not have the capacity or the structures to quickly and efficiently implement adaptations. This is where we come to the table.

Our range of services

  • Component manufacture with our own or purchased parts, including procurement, dispatching and logistics
  • Utility lines (piping systems, hose systems and piping/hose systems)
  • Piping systems
  • Electrically controlled pump systems
  • Final inspection of the components

EngineeringComplete development of tools and system components – from dimensioning, selecting materials to construction as well as CAD-/-CNC aided production and test planning. We take your ideas and requirements and turn them into production-oriented developments and designs.

  • Development and design of products, tools, fixtures as well as complex systems
  • Consulting for component development and design
  • Data transfer with Solid Works
    Formats: IGES, DXF, DWG, SAT (ACIS), STL, ASCII, VRML, Parasolid-Systems, STEP (AP203), VDAFS (VDA), IDF, CGM, VRML2, HTML, SVF, Parasolid (x_t. , x_b, xmt_bin), Catia (crg), Pro E, Solid Edge
  • Virtual functionality and stress analysis

Case Studies

Link zu better control and reduce critical transmission temperatures in top performance mode, the customer was looking for a possibility to integrate an additional cooling circuit into the existing standard transmission of a planned series. We designed an entire cooling circuit consisting of a BLDC oil pump with media carrying lines and heat exchanger.

Read more.

Link zu of combustion engines brings high demands on the thermal management. The coolant circuit of a newly designed vehicle concept required a mixing valve with specific product properties. We developed an electrically controlled mixing valve with innovative control mechanisms.

Read more.

Link zu which are typically mechanically connected to combustion engines cannot ensure demand-based control. We designed control electronics for a BLDC-Pump drive with a CAN-Bus-interface.

Read more.

Link zu order to maintain the temperature within a battery cycle at a defined target temperature, forced convection was identified as a possible option. We designed a high performance impeller for this which consisted of a BLDC inrunner and control electronics with a CAN-Bus interface.

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Case Study Baugruppe KuehlermodulStandard components from the shelf are not always suitable for defined high performance applications in all environments. Sometimes modifications or enhancements are needed to use the systems solution successfully under the given criteria. Customers focused on mass production often lack the capacities and the structures to quickly and efficiently enable custom adaptations.

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