SOBEK GROUP – Systemlieferant elektrischer, hydraulischer und pneumatischer Komplettlösungen

Case Study:

Cooler modules for a small-scale production as an assembly to the production line of a serial production

Standard components from the shelf are not always suitable for defined high performance applications in all environments. Sometimes modifications or enhancements are needed to use the systems solution successfully under the given criteria. Customers focused on mass production often lack the capacities and the structures to quickly and efficiently enable custom adaptations.

Case Study Baugruppe Kuehlermodul

Task – module assembly for a small-scale production

To support the structures of our customers, our flexible and efficient structures help realize special assignments. In this case we delivered additional cooler modules for a small-scale production as an assembly to the production line of a serial production. We sourced the components from suppliers, verified the incoming goods, assembled them in accordance to the customer’s specifications and performed final testing.

Challenge – Know-how across the entire value chain

Outsourcing and retroactive integration of several stages of the value chain is a big challenge for the supplier. The supplier not only needs to ensure timely processing and delivery of the systems solutions, he also needs to have a good understanding of the topic itself. We do not see ourselves as obtuse processors, we are consultants for our customers. In the end, thinking and working together as a team and asking critical questions along the way will lead to a working solution – not only as a product, but also as a process.

Approach – from prototype to  serial solution

  • test setup for assemblies
  • assembly validation by the customer
  • assembly delivery for serial production

Solution – a gear in the gearbox

The assembly delivered by SOBEK was seamlessly integrated into the serial production process and secured a higher variability of solutions available on the market without having to deal with the complexity this brought internally.




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