SOBEK GROUP – Systemlieferant elektrischer, hydraulischer und pneumatischer Komplettlösungen

Case Study

Design of a high-performance impeller consisting of a BLDC inrunner and control electronics with a CAN-Bus interface


In order to maintain the temperature within a battery cycle at a defined target temperature, forced convection was identified as a possible option. We designed a high performance impeller for this which consisted of a BLDC inrunner and control electronics with a CAN-Bus interface.


Task – optimize the temperature of the hybrid cycle

A hybrid cycle requires a defined target temperature for optimal battery performance. This was to be achieved by forced convection. Making use of existing systems was either too difficult or they were not sufficiently powerful.

Challenge – high power density

The requirements were high on the weight of the blower, the ambient air temperature and the expected volume flow. The engine and the control electronics needed to be fully encapsulated. In addition, the volume flow needed to be controlled intelligently and integrated into the vehicle electronics via CAN-Bus protocol.

Approach – creating a mini hurricane with innovative ideas

  • New design of a BLDC inrunner and control electronics
  • validation of the heat dissipation design for engine and control electronics on the test bench
  • validation of the volume flow at simulated ambient conditions on the test bench

Result – temperatures for the hybrid cylce within the required range

The high performance impeller designed by SOBEK enables the customer to control the temperature of the hybrid cycle intelligently and with minimum weight.


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