SOBEK GROUP – Systemlieferant elektrischer, hydraulischer und pneumatischer Komplettlösungen

Case Study

Design of a cooling circuit consisting of a BLDC oil pump with media carrying lines and heat exchanger

To better control and reduce critical transmission temperatures in top performance mode, the customer was looking for a possibility to integrate an additional cooling circuit into the existing standard transmission of a planned series. We designed an entire cooling circuit consisting of a BLDC oil pump with media carrying lines and heat exchanger.


Task – preventing critical temperatures for transmission components

A standard transmission was not designed for use in the planned top performance motorization regarding long-term stress. This lead to a performance reduction in consequence of excessive transmission temperatures. A cooling circuit which was needed to be integrated should avoid the temperature peaks and the resulting power reduction.

Challenge – integration into the existing serial production

None of the solutions available on the market could be integrated into the serial components. The entire cooling circuit needed to be integrated into the existing architecture without negative influence on the packaging (e.g. crash simulations and crash tests). The assembly process within the serial production was also taken into account.

Approach – from design to serial solution

  • Design of a complete cooling circuit
  • Tests with prototype components on the test bench
  • Construction and assembly of prototypes for prototype tests on the road

Result – Temperatures for gearbox components in the set range

The cooling circuit developed by SOBEK enables the customer to sell the high-performance variant as a series solution.




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